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The Best of Spitalfields Market: Top 7 Places

Let’s go to the bustling Spitalfields Market, where my foody heart only finds true happiness. Come along on this delicious trip with me as we explore the best eateries hidden inside its lively environment. Get ready to taste a variety of flavours and find out why Spitalfields Market is heaven for foodies like me.

The Foodie’s Guide to Spitalfields Market

Oh, Spitalfields Market, the place where food fantasies are fulfilled! From smoky grills to vegetarian delights, freshly caught seafood to international cuisines, sweet distractions to aromatically charged coffee, as well as craft beer, this food lover’s paradise offers plenty for everyone. Let’s find out the 7 best places to treat your tastebuds in Spitalfields Market!

The Grill House

I entered The Grill House and was immediately greeted by the inviting aroma of roasting meats. I was in for a meaty treat, one that would leave me wanting more. Tender steaks, yummy burgers, and savoury sides were waiting for me. It gets your taste buds to dance with delight!

The Veggie Haven

Happy eating, vegetarians and vegans! With its diverse and innovative plant-based choices, The Veggie Haven tempts you to order more and more. This eatery proves that vegetarian food can be a feast of flavours and utter fulfilment, with delicious veggie burgers and hearty bowls loaded with colourful richness.

The Seafood Shack

I couldn’t help being drawn to The Seafood Shack because I love seafood. The ocean’s fresh catches were turned into gourmet delights that grooved on my tongue. I felt transported to coastal heaven with each mouthful of expertly grilled fish and every mouth-watering seafood dish, and I wished for more salty greets from the sea.

The Global Bites

I took a magical trip around the world at The Global Bites without leaving Spitalfields Market. Every dish spoke of faraway lands and varied flavours that quenched my wanderlust. The tempting fragrances of Thai curries, the crispy exterior of Mexican tacos, the aromatic spices of Indian food, and the creamy sauces of Italian pasta.

The Sweet Treats Corner

The Sweet Treats Corner, a haven for devotees of dessert like me, held enjoyment for me. I was lured by beautiful desserts, rich gelato, appealing pastries, and handmade chocolates wherever I looked. I was pulled into a world of sweet delights and utter joy with each delicious bite.

The Coffee House

The Coffee House, a warm paradise for coffee enthusiasts, fuelled my explorations at Spitalfields Market. I was welcomed by the tempting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and my senses were impressed by the baristas’ skill. Every sip, from rich lattes to strong espressos to beautifully crafted pour-overs, woke up my taste buds and gave me energy.

The Craft Beer Spot

I couldn’t resist making a stop at The Craft Beer Spot as my food journey came to an end. I raised a pint to the local brews here, embracing a world of flavourful craft beers. I toasted the thrill of exploration and the satisfaction of fine beer with each sip, enjoying the complex flavours of the perfectly crafted beers.


Spitalfields Market is an amazing experience for food lovers who want to try the tastes of food around the world. Every bite is a sense of pure joy as flavours dance on your taste buds. So, if you are living in London or happen to spend some days in this beautiful city, the Spitalfields Market should be on your bucket list for a London tour. Do not miss to visit this lively place full of flavours and I will see you on another interesting food safari. Bon appétit, fellow foodies!